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Mushroom Blends

Our products have been carefully designed with one goal in mind: Unlocking the healing power of Nature. Master formulator, Jacob Mazon, has channeled a lifetime of research and generational Israeli knowledge into Avodah Wellness products. The end result is something that will give you the peace of mind you need and support the healing results you deserve. Avodah begins their proprietary blends by choosing the best mushroom fruiting bodies, no mycelium (roots) or fillers, just 100% fruiting bodies of our seven different mushrooms. Once we receive the raw 100% fruiting body extract, we mix to our exact formula in preparation for the final proprietary steps. After getting the mix to our strict standards, we then put the mixed product through our exclusive final stage of processing to activate the real and natural power of the mushrooms, and the blend. This method has shown to dramatically increase the efficacy of the already powerful blend, ensuring that nature’s wonderous healer will be at its very best. We came up with our proprietary method of activation through years of trial and error combined with utilizing the most modern research technologies to both develop and confirm this process. The process was both tested through anecdotal human usage along with the most advanced microscopy available to maximize the effectiveness of our mushroom blends. Avodah seeks to deliver the power of nature combined with the latest technology to provide proprietary blends to make your life better.